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Simply untitled

As a child most people can recall who their friends were, what kind of 'click' they belonged to etc. Personally i don't think i had any 'true' friends, not in my early years anyways.
At first school i don'tpartiallyremember that many people i would play with however at middle school i remember a few. There were the twins, the girl that thought she was better than anyone else, spoilt and very self assured yet we were still 'friends'. The there were the few that you would talk to on occasion but wouldn't really play with them in the play ground, unless of course you were playing a game which involved a fair few people, like bulldog, or port starboard. Wow takes you back doesn't it.

I didn't even really have many people to play with on the street we lived either. There were the 3 sisters that lived down the road from us, roughly the same ages as me and my sisters. They were the type that seemed to want for nothing yet wanted everything. Birthdays…

A step back in time

Have you ever sat and thought , i mean REALLY thought of what things were like when you were a child. What games you played or friends you had?

When ever i think of my childhood, non of them come into mind first. I mean of course i played games and i had some friends but they arnt what i think of straight away.

Can you remember the first memory. Take your mind back to when you were 5? what do you remember? 4? anything? 3? Hmm get harder doesn't it. I think my first memory and I'm not even sure if it is true. I was in a shopping center, my mom was giving me a dummy, but i kept flushing it down the toilet. Also for some reason a five pence piece keeps cropping up. Not the new ones like we have now it was the real old one that was the size of a 20p. That's as far back as i can remember.

I remember the accident, which i had on a bus. I remember the brakes been hit and me on the top deck flying forward and banging my head. For some reason the way i see it in my mind is my head go…

Having down day...surly its allowed

Today even though its been a productive day, having got nearly all the xmaspressies sorted i still feel a little down :(
Next month will have been my due date, and instead of looking forward to cradling my lil baby I'm stressing on the fact that 7 month down the line I'm still not pregnant. A stress free month has brought on more emotions than normal. Is this due to the bottle of Lambrini i have drunk tonight??
Is it down to everywhere i look or read someone is pregnant?

So maybe I'm on a drunken (although i am not lol ) downer, a chance to feel sorry for myself. Having a stress free month who knows if its even worked. I don't even know if i have ovulated yet due to the fact i cant/wont/refuse to test! Stubborn much?? this month YES!!!

I have many Friends on face book site that have all gone through the challenges of baby lost at different stages and sometimes more than once and i feel inadequate to some of them. I have no scan photo, i was only 4-8 weeks gone. Yes i gave …

Im a blogger get me out of here! memeTagathon

So I'm joining in with the lovely Kates Meme Tagathon.
Its a little game where we answer questions we have been given, i will then tag other in for your tag!

It is very simple to do and the rules are as follows1) Answer the 10 questions and consider the mission.
2) Tag a blogger or two or more to do the same
3) Come back to my original blog post and tell me you have done the questions and answers.I have tried to make the questions Ok for those who watch the television programme and those that don’t.1. What one thing about being a parent makes you scream “Get me out of here!”For me it would have to be arguing. My two argue like cat and dog and when your trying to sort it out and they scream on top of each other you can guaranteethat's what your going to shout!
2. What skills, if any, do you have that would be useful in the jungle?I would be the ditzyblonde i think (although brunette atm) I am often told i come out with the most funny statements along with my own diction…

A stress free month?!....

For the people that kind of know me they should know for me to do stress soooo easy. Well it is until babies enter the equation. As you can tell from many of my posts i have tried near enoughEVERTHING. Yeah OK there are a few other things i want to check/try too.
Think I'm crazy yet??
Well with the cervical mucus and cervix checking...oh check out anyone that wants to do bbt and cm checking, very graphic but amazing non the less. Then theres the ovulation tests, sperm meets egg plan, legs in the air after sex, oh boy that can be funny! To taking certain medicinesiefolic acid, b6 etc.
Then there is the 'new' thing to have come about which is Paradox capsules which is different blends of fish oils. These apparently make your eggs 'more suitable', also Soy iso which if I'm right brings ovulation forward for those ladies (like myself) that have irregular cycles.

OK so now you know just how nutty i am!

I try to think back to when i …

The stresses of trying to concieve

Having a bit of a vent today. Yet another cycle has passed (although af not reared her ugly head yet!) BFN again though.

I'm a member on the bounty forums as many know and i read of ppl getting their bfp after consuming 3 bottles of wine per week!, only dtd once or twice in a cycle, not even trying actively to get preg!!
Then i read of the ones like me that had lost babies along the way and are still trying. Then ones that have medical problems like pcos and such that make it that little more difficult.

Well since trying from my mc i haven't drank whilst trying yet still no luck!
Why is it so hard?!

Iv'e been charting my bbt since my mc and this cycle seemed really strange i honestly thought that this was my month...but alas the temp dropped today at 14 dpo ( when af should show her face).

So next month is the last month i will be trying after that I'm just gonna see how it goes, although i know that is going to be really hard from me.

Its almost an obsession lol.

I will conti…