The road of IVF

So 2017 brought us our first round of ivf.
It's a surreal experience to say the least.
Such a roller coaster of emotions, one minute your up and then next your sat there crying at an advert because the girl on it made cupcakes to say sorry!
It's a process that challenge your fears, opens your eyes and makes you see things in a whole different perspective.
We started with our initial meeting where we spent an hour signing all our paperwork. This was basically to give permission on what would happen with our eggs that didn't quite become good enough, permission to freeze some if any were viable. To even transfer and etc, it all had to be signed for.
Also to use the embryos should my husband die. This includes counselling.
So with that we had bloods and a scan done too, then it was just a case of waiting for 1st day of cycle to begin.
Drugs were delivered. 

My big white box of little miracles. Cycle day one came....another scan and an injection teach.
It took a deep b…

Wish anyone else could decide for me!

So 3rd March brought us a day where we thought it would be our step forward, we would have all the answers, we would know which way we were heading. I suppose in a sense we do but first we have a huge decision to make........

or at least i do!

We started the morning by chatting to each other on the way to the hospital, what did we expect to be said?
In all fairness we both agreed that we thought they would say, nothing more we can do and IVF would be our only option. We were ready for that answer and excepting of it also.
However that wasn't the case.

We can do Ivf, that's not a problem. My fallopian tubes are swollen and twisted putting me at higher risk of ectopic pregnancy. I do have a slight chance of conceiving naturally, even though this hasn't happened in the 5 years since our miscarriage.
If we went for the ivf although the egg will be implanted into my uterus the egg could 'migrate' into my fallopian tube and cause an ectopic pregnancy. Or fluid could buil…

Valentines Day

Valentines day!, a day to celebrate the ones we love, the years we have spent with them.
Do we really need a day for this? I cherish my husband everyday! I'm thankful for the things he does, the things he says and the way he is. I don't need one special day to do this.
However that been said, i did buy him a card, i did wish him a happy valentines day and we will enjoy a nice meal together to celebrate the 11 yrs we have been together and the nearly 9 we have been married!

So my Darling Hubby, Because of you, I laugh a little harder, I cry a little less And smile a whole lot more! xx

Happy valentines people. xox

Pics that make me smile!

My grandparents on my fathers side, This was on their Golden Wedding anniversay, grandad would have been 100 now and grandma 96!
 My husband dancing away on the old work bar, such fun in those days.
 The only picture i have of me, my mom and my dad together!
 My two gorgeous dogs Suki (collie) and Dexter (Jug)
 My Great grandad on my moms side
 Me and Hubby in Menorca
Menorca family selfie!

I have loads more that make me smile but these are my most fav today! Which makes you smile?

Down the road, with a lack of information!

This week has been a long week even if i do say so myself.
Monday i was in hospital after having a Laparoscopy a Hysteroscopy and a dye. So feeling a little sore, bruised and down.
This has come after so far 5 years of not been able to conceive. Umpteen tests, medication, seamen analysis, scans, poking, prodding, miss given information and plenty of circles been run around!
When we initially went to see the fertility consultant he said nothing wrong and was just classed as secondary infertility, nothing more they can do all we can do is continue to try and go for ivf as that may be the best option. So that's what we decided to do .

We went abroad last year in august to Menorca a week away with the boys, sea, sun sand and bliss! It was a challenge to save as its something we are really not good at, but by may we had paid off the holiday etc and all spends were sorted and new clothes. This meant we would be able to save the  £4000 (ish) that we would need for IVF.  So we made an app…

Tis the season to be jolly!

Its Christmas, not that you would know it. I think as the children get older the "Christmas spirit" is just lacking, no matter how many decorations you put up, or how much of a fuss you make.
Our Xmas morning started promptly at 5.30am!! Yes you heard correctly! Even the dogs tried to hid back under the covers.
 Master K had been up since 3.30am having awoken and not been able to go back to sleep. 5.30 he had woken Master L and was time to make a little noise as to wake mom and dad.
We did get up and were unwrapped and cleaned up with bacon frying in the pan by 8. Only problem was we were starting to feel tired. Myself from having worked last night and Mr M from having been up at 5am, for work every morn.
Needless to say, the working our ass off to pay for this Xmas has paid off, both kids are over the moon with there gifts.
Its about this time though that you think of family that are far away (my sister and nephew and sis inlaw out on a trip of a lifetime to Australia ) My …

Lenor Unstoppables

Have you tried the new lenor unstoppables?? Wow! They not only smell fresh but they also make your clothes feel that little bit softer.

I received my trail pack from Savvy circle and couldn't wait to open it. It came with 20 single packets (to give to friends and family to try), a bottle all for me, conversation and friend questionnaires and money off vouchers.

After giving samples away, i set about doing my own washing. Now i was a lil apprehensive as atm i am using comfort (it was on offer at an unmissable price ) and i have to say even with a different named fabric softener it still smells lush.

So go out and buy it! long lasting, gorgeous smelling and available in 3 different scents.