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Words cant describe how i feel........

Words atm can not describe how i feel, I'm hoping this picture may portray it!

This is for my Dad! x

Talking through a box of wine.....or a few glasses out of it!

Blogging is something that i haven't been able to grasp hold of fully and jump onto the wagon. I find it a chore in some ways to have/want to blog everyday......however having dais that i love to write, and i love to write it in the exact way i am feeling it.

I think from been in my  middle teens i learnt to say exactly what i felt when i felt it and not tip toe around things. In my opinion that is exactly how everyone should be. Yes it may hurt some feelings in a way, but if you are truthful in a way, wouldn't you prefer someone to tell you they either dislike you or you don't look nice in that dress, before you started a deep friendship, or stepped out the door? I know i would. But meh, maybe that's just me.

People say that many people speak more of the truth ( although im sure it will be slightly babble and jumbled up) after a few drinks. Something to do with the alchol loosening your tongue...or something along those lines. I myself, don't really drink that mu…

Been a long time......Again!

I don't seem to be able to keep up with this blogging thing and as you may have noticed it seems to come sparsely....however having said that i DO contemplate on blogging about something probably 2-3 times a week. I think i find it more of a venting machine, or someone i can pour everything out to when i feel like no one else is interested.
I find that many people can be one sided. Maybe i don't amount to what they want as a friend/relation etc? Oh well i guess that's just how it is sometimes. We cant all be on the ball and ready to jump and the slightest whim.

So whats been happening eh??

Well firstly my sister had a lil baby boy. It took me ages to meet him i have to admit, mostly because i think of my selfishness and stupid reasons, although at the time they were not to me. I had told lil sis that i didn't know how i would cope meeting him and wanted to leave it till i felt able too and she seemed fine with that. so that's what i did. When i did meet him....yes a l…