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Saying goodbye to family members and family holidays.

The past two week have been hard weeks, losing not one but two family members in the space of 3 days to totally unrelated incidents.
At times like this it makes you reflect on the things in your life, makes you wonder what is important, what isn't and what is just keeping you held back.

Death i think is something we all don't really like to talk about let a lone think about, but when you are faced with two deaths one after this other you cant help but think about it and see it in almost everything. I know after hearing about their passing i kept thinking the worst for a few older members of my family or ones with health issues. Bad i know!

Its not secret that my life hasn't gone exactly to plan. Growing up in an abusive situation from my babysitter, parents divorced, and then been in an abusive relationship, does take its toll i think. I think it can also hold you back in someways too.
My struggles for the past 3 yrs ttc. Test after test and all to come back normal. My utt…