A stress free month?!....

For the people that kind of know me they should know for me to do stress free....is soooo easy. Well it is until babies enter the equation. As you can tell from many of my posts i have tried near enough EVERTHING. Yeah OK there are a few other things i want to check/try too.
Think I'm crazy yet??
Well with the cervical mucus and cervix checking...oh check out www.mybeautifulcervic.com anyone that wants to do bbt and cm checking, very graphic but amazing non the less. Then theres the ovulation tests, sperm meets egg plan, legs in the air after sex, oh boy that can be funny! To taking certain medicines ie folic acid, b6 etc.
Then there is the 'new' thing to have come about which is Paradox capsules which is different blends of fish oils. These apparently make your eggs 'more suitable', also Soy iso which if I'm right brings ovulation forward for those ladies (like myself) that have irregular cycles.

OK so now you know just how nutty i am!

I try to think back to when i conceived my ds. He wasn't planned but i stupidly wasn't taking any form of birth control either. I was a mere 18, was drinking, smoking (although did try to stop whilst pg) drinking loads of coffee, not sleeping right etc.
When i got pg this April even though it ended in mc i think back to then. I was drinking a bottle of lambrini maybe once or twice a week. I didnt smoke as i had quit back in 2009! even though i wanted to get pregnant i didn't think i would so fast due to dh only having the op done 26Th Jan...2 weeks of waiting till he was able to end think of sex, bless him. We conceived on the 12Th April (yes we know the exact date lol ).

Anyway getting to the point as i seem to have rambled on a little bit........are all these different forms of 'things that help' actually preventing me from conceiving???

This month i have gone for the stress free solution. I am atm cd 13 and other than taking my temp daily I'm not doing anything else. Yes its hard, i want to test for ovulation every time i think my cm has changed. I'm dreading the 2ww coming.....but guessing that if i don't know when i DO ovulate this month, i wont know how many dpo i am.

So here's to a....lambrini fueled, casual sex, stress free month!

Think back......how did you conceive, what were you doing with in your lifestyle?


  1. I know it is very different but this post sort of makes me thing about me trying to lose weight and how it can take over your every waking thought.
    What was I doing when I conceived C, well Baileys featured to be sure. With W, I can't recall and with R, I was still post-natally depressed with W. I guess if you go down he drink and casual sex (we are talking M here right lol?) even if you don't conceive, you will have fun trying. I have hilarious images of you with your legs in the air now.

  2. Lol, yes i know what you mean. It the only way i can think of going now. x


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