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A release without any questions

News from my sister she is to be allowed home today. Now she sees this as good news, I don't.
Is she going to go home and do exactly the same thing?
I suggested she should be sectioned again, but my opinion doesn't seem to count. I'm only trying to do what is best for her.

Still not smoked though so I'm guessing that is good.
Was my younger siblings birthday yesterday, royal mail failed to deliver my card which annoyed me, and i delivered the news of my sisters suicide attempt.

Then today was in A&E with my son, some sort of infection in his finger. Also my stepson is ill and sprawled on the sofa after being sick and having a headache.
So even after all the ups and Downs today, i still don't want to smoke.

Lets hope it continues, still a week of kids been off school.

A step back But still going forward

Well had some bad news last night, once again my sister has tried to commit suicide.
2ND time in less that a year. 3rd time in total.
She was diagnosed as a Manic depressant and Bi polar the last time and was placed on anti depressant along with regular visits to the shrink.

However i still didn't smoke, boy was i close to but refrained.

The problem being this time I'm not upset at the moment, I'm really angry. Once again we are going through this and she just doesn't seem to realize how its effecting everyone. I then feel guilty for feeling this way because i know she is ill.

Last time she did it she nearly died, swallowing a hell of a lot of Tramadol, my mums painkillers. She did damage to her liver, kidneys etc. She was sectioned for about a month and seemed to be doing just fine. Some bad news from her ex girlfriend and she is back to square one. OK this time she couldn't get anything stronger than paracetamol, but still there's damage there from last time and t…

Stoping smoking and childrens holidays

So i had a bright idea 7 days ago, I decided the time had come to stop smoking. I had been smoking since i was 12/13 and at 25 i figured that i really didn't like the taste or the smell of it and to be quiet honest i didn't know why, i guess it was just a habit.

So 1pm I'm sat in the bath chatting to my husband and suddenly i blurt out, I'm stopping smoking.

A short discussion later, we have decided that we have barred smoking from the house to help me in my quest.

I'm currently on the 8Th day of not smoking, no patches, no gum, no inhaler thingy. Just a pen a few sweets and a whole load of will power.

The kids are loving the fact that i have so much more energy even after such a short time of stopping.
I'm loving the fact of i no longer smell like an ashtray and i seem to have this glow instead of a dull look.
First week is suppose to be easy. I chose the wrong time to do it i think, 2 weeks of kids 24/7. Arguing as boys do, play fighting turning to real fighting, …