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So once again the kids are off school. Is it me or do they seem to have more and more time off? I never remember having this much time off and as I'm only 27 even though my kids sometimeslike to make out I'm from the stone age, it only works out that i left around 11 years ago.

Took the kids to see my mom and sister the other weekend. As the live in Leeds is not often i get to see them. With everything that has been going on all i wanted was my mommy. It was really good to see them and to have a cuddle.

My mother in law has also been a rock over the past few months, not only emotionally but in other ways too. At the same time as my miscarriage my cat Skitz gave birth to 3 gorgeous kittens, all black and white.

Sadly she became ill and with drawn a few days later. A visit to the vets revealed she had another kitten inside her, sadly it had died on the way out and was still stuck in there! Two operations later, one to remove the kitten and a full hysterectomy and one to stop intern…

Its not all over

2 weeks and 4 days after the ERPC and I'm still suffering. Have done 2 pg tests so far to see if they are coming up negative. Both come up with 3+. I DIDN'T even get a 3+ before the erpc.

So more bloods to come tomorrow and Friday. I couldn't be pregnant again, have only been dtd since last sat, so only a week-ish.

Its strange, you get all sorts of things running through your mind.

The dream is over

Saturday 30Th April, just one week of knowing, just 7 days of stroking and talking to my little 'JJ' i woke at 5, did my usual Saturday morning routine, saw my DH off to work at 6 am and went to the loo before climbing back into bed. I wiped and it was brown.
I had read that brown blood was OK. Tried to put it to the back of my mind but couldn't. Had slight back ache and cramps, but had that for the past few weeks and Dr said it was normal. However was in the emergency Dr's by 11 pm. 'Threatened Miscarriage' not to worry unless it was gushing red and sever pain. So came home and within 5 minutes of walking in the door i was gushing red. We made our way to the A&E. Saturday night and been seen in 20 minutes is an all timerecord for me! I had internal with the biggest torch you had ever seen lol. I was booked in for an early scan. Cutting the story short, 2 weeks of hcglvl testing and an ERPC on 13Th may Friday 13Th of all days! i had said good bye to my baby…

Wooooohooooooo at last!!

23rd April 2011 i sent my DH this picture. As you can guess he thought it was a joke! It wasn't though! We had made a baby. I was crying with tears and couldn't believe it. It was only a day ago i was screaming, crying and stamping my feet like a little girl because we hadn't got pregnant yet. Bear in mind i had been poassoooooo much i could have taken shares in them. All had come up negative.

I cant say why i did the first response test that day. I had done one of the Internet cheap ones the day before and i could have sworn i saw a faint line, but DH couldn't see it so we let it pass. The next morning as i did every morning i did the test. There WAS a faint line i could just see it, but maybe my eyes were playing a trick on me. So i did the test, and there it was another faint line but was clearly visible to the eye. My Mil saw it too as i emailed the pic to her just to make sure i wasn't seeing things.
It was there but best to do a clear blue digital at least the…

Been a long time! Catch up

Been a while since i have wrote, been a struggle and a lot has happened. My sister is now doing really well, no episodes for over a few years.
She is settled in nicely with her girlfriend, in fact they have just bought a new house.

So DH had the vasectomy reversal finally after 6 years of dreaming and dreading that i would never give birth to another child it all came true. So 26Th January 2011 i waved goodbye as he went with his bag to the clinic. Couldn't go as had the children to care for. He returned the next day with a new nickname from his friend. Pineapple emerged!

The op was a success though so all that's good. 36,000,000 (million) little swimmers! Wootwoot!