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Tis the season to be jolly!

Its Christmas, not that you would know it. I think as the children get older the "Christmas spirit" is just lacking, no matter how many decorations you put up, or how much of a fuss you make.
Our Xmas morning started promptly at 5.30am!! Yes you heard correctly! Even the dogs tried to hid back under the covers.
 Master K had been up since 3.30am having awoken and not been able to go back to sleep. 5.30 he had woken Master L and was time to make a little noise as to wake mom and dad.
We did get up and were unwrapped and cleaned up with bacon frying in the pan by 8. Only problem was we were starting to feel tired. Myself from having worked last night and Mr M from having been up at 5am, for work every morn.
Needless to say, the working our ass off to pay for this Xmas has paid off, both kids are over the moon with there gifts.
Its about this time though that you think of family that are far away (my sister and nephew and sis inlaw out on a trip of a lifetime to Australia ) My …