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The road of IVF

So 2017 brought us our first round of ivf.
It's a surreal experience to say the least.
Such a roller coaster of emotions, one minute your up and then next your sat there crying at an advert because the girl on it made cupcakes to say sorry!
It's a process that challenge your fears, opens your eyes and makes you see things in a whole different perspective.
We started with our initial meeting where we spent an hour signing all our paperwork. This was basically to give permission on what would happen with our eggs that didn't quite become good enough, permission to freeze some if any were viable. To even transfer and etc, it all had to be signed for.
Also to use the embryos should my husband die. This includes counselling.
So with that we had bloods and a scan done too, then it was just a case of waiting for 1st day of cycle to begin.
Drugs were delivered. 

My big white box of little miracles. Cycle day one came....another scan and an injection teach.
It took a deep b…