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Today your 9 years old

This day 9 years ago i had spent a rough night up and down the stair, in and out of the bath with what i though was simple back ache from sleeping on the sofa. Little did i know it would be the day you entered the world, enter my life.
It was a long labour of 21 hours! I remember going to the hospital and having to wait a few hours for you to show. 19.49 you showed, screaming your head off. You was so small a tiny 6lbs 6oz.
You weren't suppose to show till 29Th Feb so a whole month early!
You reminded me of a capuchin monkey the way you would lie with your hands cupped to your chest.
I couldn't believe you were mine, nobody could take you away.
You were an easy baby very rarely cried and were never ill. You would go to sleep on a night and wake up with teeth! I call that easy! You soon grew and did all your first milestones. Smiling, crawling, walking and finally talking!

As a toddler you were chatting, shy and playful all in one. You loved Thomas the Tank Engine and would sit for …