The stresses of trying to concieve

Having a bit of a vent today. Yet another cycle has passed (although af not reared her ugly head yet!) BFN again though.

I'm a member on the bounty forums as many know and i read of ppl getting their bfp after consuming 3 bottles of wine per week!, only dtd once or twice in a cycle, not even trying actively to get preg!!
Then i read of the ones like me that had lost babies along the way and are still trying. Then ones that have medical problems like pcos and such that make it that little more difficult.

Well since trying from my mc i haven't drank whilst trying yet still no luck!
Why is it so hard?!

Iv'e been charting my bbt since my mc and this cycle seemed really strange i honestly thought that this was my month...but alas the temp dropped today at 14 dpo ( when af should show her face).

So next month is the last month i will be trying after that I'm just gonna see how it goes, although i know that is going to be really hard from me.

Its almost an obsession lol.

I will continue to temp as that's a great thing to do anyway but cervix checking and cm checking and using ovulation tests etc etc....bah they can go to one side. I WILL enjoy a bottle of wine during the week!

If it happens, well it happens!

Do i have the will power to just go at it cold turkey???

Guess time will tell.


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