Down the road, with a lack of information!

This week has been a long week even if i do say so myself.
Monday i was in hospital after having a Laparoscopy a Hysteroscopy and a dye. So feeling a little sore, bruised and down.
This has come after so far 5 years of not been able to conceive. Umpteen tests, medication, seamen analysis, scans, poking, prodding, miss given information and plenty of circles been run around!
When we initially went to see the fertility consultant he said nothing wrong and was just classed as secondary infertility, nothing more they can do all we can do is continue to try and go for ivf as that may be the best option. So that's what we decided to do .

We went abroad last year in august to Menorca a week away with the boys, sea, sun sand and bliss! It was a challenge to save as its something we are really not good at, but by may we had paid off the holiday etc and all spends were sorted and new clothes. This meant we would be able to save the  £4000 (ish) that we would need for IVF.  So we made an appointment to look into options at Bradford ivf clinic. IUI was also an option in our minds, just a little less successful but a hell of a lot cheaper at just £1000 a turn.
Well we were told that iui would be no good, as DH sperm wasn't great, I had a blockage on one of my tubes and also a few other minor problems which the consultant had failed to mention!

After redoing most of the tests, where it turned out DH sperm wasn't overly bad actually, he had 3 times the normal amount of sperm so that was good, it was just 1% that had any sense of direction or where they were going and only had one tail and one head! but over all that shouldn't over all hinder us too much. Ivf it was to be!

They decided to check out the blockage on the tube, seems i don't actually have one.
I have/had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and then this has gone onto Fitz-Hugh Curtis Syndrome .
However, all std tests have come up clear so where or how i do not know.
Worst thing is that atm i am still no closer to knowing if we have to do ivf or if we can conceive naturally, very little information on FHCS and what happens after, if you can conceive etc.
hopefully 3rd of march will bring some much needed answers!


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