Wish anyone else could decide for me!

So 3rd March brought us a day where we thought it would be our step forward, we would have all the answers, we would know which way we were heading. I suppose in a sense we do but first we have a huge decision to make........

or at least i do!

We started the morning by chatting to each other on the way to the hospital, what did we expect to be said?
In all fairness we both agreed that we thought they would say, nothing more we can do and IVF would be our only option. We were ready for that answer and excepting of it also.
However that wasn't the case.

We can do Ivf, that's not a problem. My fallopian tubes are swollen and twisted putting me at higher risk of ectopic pregnancy. I do have a slight chance of conceiving naturally, even though this hasn't happened in the 5 years since our miscarriage.
If we went for the ivf although the egg will be implanted into my uterus the egg could 'migrate' into my fallopian tube and cause an ectopic pregnancy. Or fluid could build up in my fallopian tubes causing an imbalance in my reproductive organs making it so the egg cant implant, i suppose the fact i have a reverted uterus doesn't help either.


They want to remove my fallopian tubes.
This will mean no chance ever of conceiving naturally.

I wish i knew the future and i could see what happens and what decision i made and the outcome.

I always had a thought that after ivf we may conceive naturally, this would mean that wouldn't happen.
If i don't have it done i put myself at risk.

Anyone know whats right~?


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