The road of IVF

So 2017 brought us our first round of ivf.
It's a surreal experience to say the least.
Such a roller coaster of emotions, one minute your up and then next your sat there crying at an advert because the girl on it made cupcakes to say sorry!

It's a process that challenge your fears, opens your eyes and makes you see things in a whole different perspective.

We started with our initial meeting where we spent an hour signing all our paperwork. This was basically to give permission on what would happen with our eggs that didn't quite become good enough, permission to freeze some if any were viable. To even transfer and etc, it all had to be signed for.
Also to use the embryos should my husband die. This includes counselling.
So with that we had bloods and a scan done too, then it was just a case of waiting for 1st day of cycle to begin.

Drugs were delivered. 

My big white box of little miracles.
Cycle day one came....another scan and an injection teach.
It took a deep breath and a shaky hand but i did it! Really thought it would be hubby that would have to do them, but I braved, i did it, I became a pro!

2 weeks of down regulating.

This puts your body into a semi menopausal state. Making your body stop doing what it's designed to do and go through your monthly cycle.
Once you've done that it's onto the stimulation drugs.
2 weeks of that!

Hot flushes, swollen belly, terrible wind and emotions so bad that you could be laughing one minute and weeping like a child the next! Believe me i had a few  of those moments. The stimulants make you grow more follicles hopefully containing more eggs!
You become friends with the dildo cam as I called it. (And later learnt a lot of women call it the same)

You have so many internal scans your dignity goes out the window...and to be quiet frank you just dont care anymore.

It's trigger time!
This is a trigger shot

Mine was 10000 mg of hcg. This basically tells your follicles your ready to go.
36 hours later it's egg collection time.

Feet in stirrups, legs akimbo, foo foo on show to several people in the room, your put under sedation to make you sleepy, slightly conscious but don't remember  thing.

I got 12 eggs out of my 18 follicles I grew. 12!!!
The next day 9 had fertilised.
They decided that they were really good eggs so they would take to a 5 day blastocyst. 
By day 5 there were 3 left. Not great quality so we were to have 2 put back.

My two little embabies. 

My two possible babies!
5 years of trying to conceive to no avail.
2 operations
2 damaged tubes removed
1 round that we have spent a year saving for.
0 eggs implanted
0 babies were made.

We have started saving again, we only have £4500 left to go. 
We will have another go.
We will get our rainbow baby! X

It's not the end.....its just the start of another chapter.


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