Poetic Thursday

I thought i would keep in with The Gallery's theme this week and dedicate my poem to Birth. I wrote this poem when i first had my son. OK so its not about the birth of him...but it was the birth of him that gave me the opportunity to write it. Does that make sense lol?

A life Story

If time could tell a story, i wonder how it would be.
If each and everyone should tell theirs, then the whole wide world would see.
If i told mine to you today this is how it would be.

Not so long ago in a house i lived, with 3 sisters and a bro, A mommy and step daddy whom loved us so
In this house lived a man. A nasty man was he
He hurt me bad, that made me sad, but a secret it should be.

He did things that made me sick, feel dirty all the time
And no on came to help me, because i showed no sign.

Then i grew up, a big girl now was i
And i told the whole wide world about this nasty guy.
Nothing good could come from it, i knew that from the start
But at least the hurt and pain had stopped, or at least a little part

So now I'm a really big girl, with a baby of my own
No harm shall ever come to him, not from anyone I've ever known
And with the light i dim and lay him in his cot
I know that tonight he'll sleep safe
I'll protect him with all I've got!


  1. Hello,

    I've had a little browse through your blog and really enjoy it. Will keep coming back.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes i feel the posts can be rather depressing for some..but i write what i feel. Thanks you :D

  3. As you say, it's how life is and it is refreshing to see people say how they feel and what they think. Keep going

  4. Another post that makes my blood boil at all you have gone through. The really awful thing is that you are one of many too.

  5. Thanks Kate :) Its made me the strong person i am today though xxx


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