Who am i ???

Im Caroline
Im married to my gorgeous hubby Mike.
I have 2 beautiful children and cant wait for more.
I have one angel baby whom i think of everyday.
I'm simple and complex at the same time.
Between two evils, I always pick the one I havent tried before.
I'm extremly stubborn, and hard-headed..
I dont hold grudges.
I'm am one to approach people I dont know.
I'm usually quiet in front of new people. I'm not being mean.
Get to know me, and you'll find out I'm actually really nice..
I sing in the bath. Ok maybe not on key
I WAS a shitty person.
I had a crap childhood, and lost two ppl dear to me
I dont regret my past, as it made me who i am
I'm a very patient person.
I'm in the process of living my life.
I'm always trying to find myself.
Bath's are the best.
I'm more trouble then I'm worth.
I love it when it snows.
I escape in art. Its my passion.
I tend to have my head in the clouds.
From what I hear I'm very mysterious.
I rarely speak in a group of people. I'm the observer.
I'm not much of a smart ass.
Whatever your friend told you about me probably isn't true.
I'm a tough person to impress, try me..
I have little to no friends, and I dont mind.
I trust very few people.
I dont give anyone the opportunity to hurt me.
I don't deal with petty drama.
I am who i am, and if you cant love me for that.......
Then its totally your loss!


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