On the road to IVF

After seeing my consultant today, i feel.......a little worried, a little apprehensive, yet a little like I'm on the road to another challenge.
When my Dh when for his vasectomy reversal, we didn't get warned about antibodies killing off his sperm. Our consultant thinks this may be the problem, although not 100% sure, Tests are been done!
Also due to my long cycles rearing their head after so long ( guessing the clomid is totally out of my system) he has decided i need another ovary scan. So that is all but booked in just waiting for the date. Until then i have been put on Metformin. A drug generally used for type 2 diabetics, although recent studies have seen it help women with fertility problems.

We are on the road to either IUI or IVF, It seems that after 3 years with no luck that is the only option.
There are a lot of pros and cons to look at when dealing with the treatment. The main factor is the cost! How expensive!!! Luckily i have opted for the egg share which is a fraction of the price and not only that but i may be able to help someone out there that is experiencing what i am.

Many clinics deal with the initial procedure and the add costs on top for your tests and drugs etc so its defiantly worth checking out different places. We came across one that has a full package ( getting all my notes from my consultant) drugs, tests and the procedure for one cost.

So we are on the saving spree now to save. Luckily the job my DH does comes with bonuses so half the fee is covered once we get to dec, ready for a jan appointment.

Would love to know other peoples opinions of ivf, iui etc.


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