A week of celebrations

This week we will be having 2 celebrations. The first was yesterday my 6th wedding anniversary. How time flies! 
Earlier on in the week we came across our home made wedding video, starting with my sister waking us with a camera in our faces, to the whole getting ready, vows and then the after party. It was a wonderful day with close friends and family. 

It was the first time in anytime i can remember getting both my parents in a picture!

Great picture i think, other than my eyes been closed when it was taken lol. So which do i look like??
My mom and dad haven't been together for over 20 yrs but it was lovely to know that they can both still be in the same room (even if they both deny it lol)

My dad came with his now wife and their 3 children. No pictures of his wife as she didn't want to be in any which was a little disheartening but totally her choice, i know as I'm getting older i prefer my pictures not to be taken lol. We had only just got in contact not long before then after many years so it was great that they would come all the way to great yarmouth to enjoy the special day with me. I only wish a certain person would realise we had a friendship, someone to confide in, someone i thought i had a connection with, knew this. Insecurity can really break things apart!

Anyway so yes 6 whole yrs...we went for a lovely meal (first time we have celebrated our anniversary in like 4 years! We went to a lovely Turkish restaurant and my diet went out the window!

More pics from my special day!

                                  Me and my wonderful husband, oh how slim i was then!!

                                                   My mom and mikes mom Lynda :)

                                                            Mike and the moms :)

                                        Mike and my mom (they have a great relationship) 

                                                            Mike and his mom :)

                                The ladies myself, my sister and a friend...which is the sister??

                                                                          All of us :)

So the next celebration starts tomorrow! My stepson Lucas turns 12! One step closer to teenage years although tbh i think both kids hit it a few years ago.

After 2 years of nagging he is finally getting a  hamster, (more to follow on that!) So my task for today is to get baking a cake...just gotta decide, chocolate or normal!

Here's a happy 6th wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband and a happy 12th birthday to Lucas x


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