Talking through a box of wine.....or a few glasses out of it!

Blogging is something that i haven't been able to grasp hold of fully and jump onto the wagon. I find it a chore in some ways to have/want to blog everyday......however having dais that i love to write, and i love to write it in the exact way i am feeling it.

I think from been in my  middle teens i learnt to say exactly what i felt when i felt it and not tip toe around things. In my opinion that is exactly how everyone should be. Yes it may hurt some feelings in a way, but if you are truthful in a way, wouldn't you prefer someone to tell you they either dislike you or you don't look nice in that dress, before you started a deep friendship, or stepped out the door? I know i would. But meh, maybe that's just me.

People say that many people speak more of the truth ( although im sure it will be slightly babble and jumbled up) after a few drinks. Something to do with the alchol loosening your tongue...or something along those lines. I myself, don't really drink that much. I will have a few glasses of wine now an then, but i will NEVER get to the point where i am feeling even the slightest bit of dizziness or sickness, i hate the feeling of been drunk.

Well how come I'm babbling so much i can hear you response would be.....Its just me, that's exactly how i am.

So anyway.

Updates for the week.....nothing exciting if I'm honest but still some little bits of news.

This week my darling husband finally signed his contract for full time employment for Timothy Taylor's. A job he loves doing and even if i do say so my self he does bloody well!!!!!
We have been saving for a car (had to sell our last one about a yr ago as we just couldn't afford it) finally got a cheap runner around ( ok £270 worth!!) BUT it gets us from a - b and thats all that matters, hopefully we can now go and see the people we want to go see, without having to feel guilty because we couldn't afford the train/bus fares to get there.

I reached out to my dad this week too. Hubby gets freebies that tbh are of no use to us. I knew Dad would maybe like them so offered them. I received 2 words and a series of ?????. Both word been yep and not one actually telling me if he wanted them. I have reached out several times to him, though email  ( which i was told i would get a reply but may take a while.... 7 months and still waiting) and though txts. Send fathers day/birthday/xmas cards every year without fail.....oh and anniversary ones too. Without as much as a card or a happy birthday in return, most yrs. Last year i did though so cant complain at that. I think its got to the point where i see he wants nothing to do with me or his grandsons.......or just cba. I know the stress it puts on Oh so wicked step mommy (joking btw!!!) and i totally understand that dad is old enough to do things for himself....but guess he just doesn't want to...but me been me will just keep trying and just keep been disappointed!.

Job searching is a pain in the ass! i have handed cv's in, applied online etc etc. Got a few days covering so i guess that helps.

Baby making..............GRRRRRRR They say "stop trying and it will happen" it truly doesn't. There is NOTHING at all physically wrong with either myself or my husband yet still 3 yrs on no baby. Cycles while on the clomid and just after were a nice 32 at most...last one 51!!!! So keeping my fx that on 2nd July they are going to either move onto another idea or more clomid at a higher dose. Saving atm for ivf egg share. Lots of people either pregnant or just had babies around doesn't get any easier.

Nothing much more to rant about, going to link up some poems later in the week that i have been working on. Also looking into photography.


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