Been a long time......Again!

I don't seem to be able to keep up with this blogging thing and as you may have noticed it seems to come sparsely....however having said that i DO contemplate on blogging about something probably 2-3 times a week. I think i find it more of a venting machine, or someone i can pour everything out to when i feel like no one else is interested.
I find that many people can be one sided. Maybe i don't amount to what they want as a friend/relation etc? Oh well i guess that's just how it is sometimes. We cant all be on the ball and ready to jump and the slightest whim.

So whats been happening eh??

Well firstly my sister had a lil baby boy. It took me ages to meet him i have to admit, mostly because i think of my selfishness and stupid reasons, although at the time they were not to me. I had told lil sis that i didn't know how i would cope meeting him and wanted to leave it till i felt able too and she seemed fine with that. so that's what i did. When i did meet him....yes a lil awkward at first keeping the emotions in check, but after a while i was fine. Now he has done the whole, poopy nappy for me and throwing up twice on me to the pleasure of his mom. My 10 yr old son was enthralled in his and acted all protective. I can see a wonderful relationship building between them.

So the kids......Lucas is doing great. He is in high school and enjoying the challenges of harder work i think. He is constantly telling us of his merits he has (somewhere in the 100 region) and of the non sanctions he has got. So much has changed since i was at school. There were no sanctions, merits etc, it was if you were bad you were sent to your head of year, or the deputy head. Then if that didn't work it was to the headmaster. There was suspension and expelled and on occasion isolation.

 Kian...He is doing really well at school, well above his lvl which is a delight to hear. We are currently seeing a behaviour specialist although I'm not expecting much from it tbh, their first port of call was to send me to parenting classes to help deal with difficult situations.?! Hmmm not convinced. Atm he is currently in pots! He is finding a challenge to walk in them but he is dealing with it and will benefit him in the long run.

My poor cat Jynx had an accident a few weeks ago and it resulted in him losing a leg. How he broke it we have no idea, he went out one evening and returned a few hours later with it all floppy. He had broken it on the joint and it just wouldn't have set right so amputation was the only choice.
The scar has healed nicely and he was plodding off upstairs with in a week. He isn't letting it hinder him at all.

He was a very loving boy before the he is soooo much more and is constantly wanting cuddles and to be stroked.

No more luck on the baby front as yet. I'm staying hopeful however the consultant has diagnosed me with secondary infertility. There is nothing wrong with me that they can find other than my cycles tend to be long and sometimes not ovulating. Its just a wait and see scenario until we can afford to do ivf.

Hubby has a new job working for Timothy Taylors...and loves it! Trying to save now for a car now as well as clearing all our debts. Its hard and we struggle week to week with no luxuries, but i know once its done it will all be worth it.

I'm hoping not to leave it as long next time.

Enjoy the sunshine and wish me luck on my job searching :)


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