So what has 2012 brought for me so far?

So we're into the second month of 2012 already, is it me or is it flying by!
Many things have happened in the past month. Lets start from the beginning yeah.....

We got a dog! Suki our little border collie. She is about 13 Weeks atm and already been through so much. We got her from a farm in Manchester, there were loads. Guaranteed she wasn't my first choice, or my second if I'm truthful. The one i originally wanted had already been sold so i couldn't have that. I then saw a lil boy one, all fluffy and quiet...hmm whats the word...bouncy? Lol as i was cuddling him i saw this little scrawny looking thing hiding behind the mans legs. She looked so shy, so sweet and so 'ADOPT ME' So i picked her up and she snuggled straight into my coat. Mike straight away said Suki!. So that was how we got her.
The ride home was peaceful, she slept at my feet on blankets half the way home and the rest snuggled up on my knee. She was small, only 8 weeks old. She had had her jabs the day before so i figured that may be the reason she was a little quiet. We got her home and she ate like no tomorrow, then as the days went on she stopped eating, started messing everywhere and was so lethargic it seem it took all her strength to lift her head. Straight away she was off to the vets.
He thought it was a tummy bug and maybe a change to her diet that could have made her this way so gave her some antibiotics, anti- inflammatory and wormed her. She was still the same the day after, by this time she hadn't eaten for 3 days!
So off we toddle to the vets again.......tests.....PARVO! She had caught it before her injection therefore making it void. So she was kept in for 3 days. There was the option of putting her to sleep....but i couldn't, even though the vet said with a pup of this age there was prob less that 50% chance of her pulling through. Anyway cutting it short....she pulled through and returned 3 days later full of beans, bouncing about, chewing EVERYTHING! and talking back. She will have tummy problems for the rest of her life, but that is all manageable. I'm so glad we got the 4 weeks free of pet insurance (now been put up to full!). So here is my little baby.....

So what else has happened?
Well still not with child :( been 9 months now. I have however started on the Clearblue Trials. testing their ovulation tests. So once AF shows her face i can start on that for 3 months. Hubby back at surgeons in 4 days to get another sperm analysis test done.
I have met so many lovely ladies while ttc and heard so many sad stories. Anyone that has gone through miscarriage or gone through the months on negative pregnancy tests while ttc are really the strongest people out there. I would say many expect it to be so easy, simple really have sex, oh I'm pregnant, have a baby....SO Wrong. Its so much more than that.
Anyways.......i must remember to blog more. Will try and keep updated. Fingers crossed for this month. x


  1. Glad she made it through with your care.
    Yes, blog more as I miss your posts. Might have to tag you in my thing to raise breast cancer awareness. Hope all is Ok at your end. I know your journey is tough when you are not getting what you want but focus on what you do have too.


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