Give me sunshine

Ive been tagged by Kate over on her blog to do a February sunshine award.
I have to answer some questions then tag others, something to brighten up the dreary old Feb and will those flower buds to hurry up.

So here goes.....
Favourite colour:- Many years ago i would have said blue but i have to say its probably on an equal keen with pink :)

Favourite animal:- Siberian Tiger. I have loved these for many years.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink:- I would say orange juice but it has to have bits in :) I love the sweetness of it along with the tang

Facebook or Twitter :- Facebook. I did try twitter but just couldn't get the gist of it, it didn't seem to fit with me.

Favourite number:- i don't really have one but if i had to pick maybe 21. Not only was i born on the 21st, but 21 was a good age lol.

Favourite day of the week:- Friday although i do dislike it at the same time. Its the one day of the week i get to spend with my dh, although we do have to go out and do the shopping and pay bills etc.

Getting or giving presents:- I love giving presents when i can, but i would be telling a lie if i didn't say i didn't like receiving them, what girl wouldn't?? I love the little gifts that people that care about you give, you know the type that they see it and automatically think of you so buy you it.

Favourite pattern:- I love vibrant messed up colours, I love the new york scene where the colours are not really what they are meant to be.

Favourite flower:- Orchid and Lillies. I love the smell, the colour and the way they make me feel.

Now i have to pass it on.....who will take the challenge?


  1. You need to blog more.
    So I am tagging you to do this one generally keep blogging


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