My due date is approaching :(

As the 31st approaches fast, i find myself feeling more and more in a difficult situation where all i want to do is cry. I'm snappy and irritable as everyone around me seems to be getting on with their day to day lives as if nothing is wrong. I know that i cant expect people to feel what i feel as they are not the ones that are going through it.
I thought i had got myself hyped up enough to stop it affecting me but its slowly creeping up.

It hurts to know that i should soon be holding my baby instead I'm holding back tears :(


  1. Thinking of you and knew this time would be very tough on you (and yours). Seek support from those who have gone through similar experiences as I know you do. If you can't tell people how you feel, write it down or give them your blog address. That is if you want them to know how you do feel of course. Loss is horrendous but time does ease things a bit. Sending love.

  2. have tagged you in a highs and lows of 2011 thing. Up to you whether you want to/feel up to taking part or not.
    Here's to a 2012 for you where that very special dream comes true

  3. ty :) will check it out and do today fingers crossed xx


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