One year older!

I know i haven't blogged for a while have been so busy and tired its unreal.
Well nothing much has happened, nothing exciting anyways.
Have started childminding for a friend 3 days a week, along with looking after my two, house keeping etc etc its taken its toll!

Certainly got me back in the running for when and if i do get pg again.

So as you gathered..still trying to conceive. Hoping this month has worked although it has been a very strange one with my bbt. Generally my temp rises after ovulation right up to 36.70 +
it hasn't this month..its rising but slow and steady. So who knows?! Maybe not this month then?

Well i celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday....i know i don't look a day over 50! lol
I sure feel like it sometimes

I received lots of lovely messages from friends and cards from family. Had a lovely meal with hubby and a film. Tonight...........we party lol.

Kids are on holiday.....AGAIN. So many holidays at school lately :(

My stepson had some bad news this week finding out that he didn't get into the chosen high school as he failed the entry exam by 5 points! 5 measly points :( Well who wants an all boys school anyway! Their loss as he is one of the most bright children i have seen.

My darling 8 yrs we've had our ups and downs with him the past few weeks, but fingers crossed its on a mends. One on one attention and a jobs a good un.

Well that's roughly about it. Hope all in the blogging world are well.


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