Reasons to be Cheerful

Im joining in with The blog hop reasons to be cheerful

After having a few rough days my reasons to be cheerful are.....

1)I have great friends and family
2)I seemed to have lost a little weight (some may say i dont need to but when i cant get my fav jeans over my thighs work must be done!)
3) The weatehr has been great so a bit of washing has been done, the mountain is now a mole hill!

Im also going to include my lovely stepmother reasons for me to be cheerful!

Reasons to be cheerful

1. You have a superb stepmother
2. You are building up a blog following
3. You can send the kids back to school next week lol

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  1. Great list. I might make one myself. Have a lovely Saturday.

  2. Feel free to hun, its an ongoing blog hop every friday x

  3. Feel all embarrassed now, my list or the first one was send with tongue firmly in cheek. Glad you joined in, there are some lovely bloggers who do it every week and I find it always gives me a lift. Hope the rough days are now distant. Always here if you need us

  4. No need to feel all embarresed it was a good list! :) x


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