A rite gud ole natter!

Ive been slacking big time for the past few weeks! Had so much to do and not enough hours in the day.
Finally only 3 weeks till the little darlings go back to school. I CANT WAIT! don't get me wrong they have their moments when they can be really good but whether its just me (I'm starting to think so) but i clean one room, go to clean the next and the first room is a bloody mess again!

Routine goes wooooosh straight out the window. No more up early for school, breakfast, hands, face teeth and dressed. Coming home from school and making sure their bedrooms are tidy. Bedtime at 8:30! Now its get up when they feel, play on computer or read till lunch then get dressed etc once their friends come to play and no bed till 9pm +

So only 3 weeks left...

Well nothing much has been happening in the gud ole Smith household. Have taken up to baking in huge amounts lol, Ginger biscuits and strawberry flavoured buns along with an eve's pudding were on the menu the other day, however with only one child at home as the other was at him mom's most went to waste as numb nuts here forgot about storing them correctly :9

Ttc....well on the dreaded 2ww. Would be surprised if we haven't caught...don't mean to brag but even after 4 years of marriage and 7 yrs of been together we still have a very healthy sex life and dtd 5-6 + times a week is normal so if that little solider hasn't swam far enough and hatched that egg I'm going to be mightily pissed! But anyways enough of my bragging lol. Have decided that when i do test at the appropriate time i wont be telling anyone!.....shock ....horror!

I have decided to do this as last time when i found out at like 4-5 weeks (2 weeks after conception) we told everyone we knew...ofc we did we have only been wanting one for 6 years!!!
3 days later i started to miscarriage :( Don't get me wrong i don't believe in jinx's but....after telling all i was to have the long awaited baby to then have to go through telling everyone it had grown wings and become an angel kinda sucks tbh.

So hopefully in around 10-13 weeks i will be sharing my news if there is any that is.

Well its 11.29 am Saturday morning got the cleaning to try and do...the boys to sort out and then get ready for tonight, my father-in-laws wedding reception.


  1. Good Luck on all fronts especially that very important one


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