Moody monday..or just a plain bitch?!

It's Monday! I woke at 5am to get Dh up for of the nice things i like to do and also the fact he is such a heavy sleeper i don't think even a nuclear bomb would wake him up, i have tried everything trust me. I remember a good friend bought us an alarm clock that was as loud as a grenade...even shaped like it come to think of it! you can check it out here. SO then luckily for me i was able to go back to sleep. Woken an hour later (7am) by my fertility monitor wanting my daily temp..drift off with the stick in my mouth. BEEPPPPP. Remove stick and drift off.

8am..Kian come in requesting permission to watch tv downstairs. Sorry for his behaviour last night...A total different blog..dont get me started!

Crash..screams...banging....time to get up i think.

So. Im grumpy, have tummy ache which has set up home the past few days! I've been peeing on a stick for the past 3 weeks and NO OVULATION!!!!!! Tcc is such hard work.

So is it lack of sleep (i think i had plenty)...?
Stress of ttc?
The disheartened fact that ov tests are saying Ive not ovulated?
No ovulation pains at all, i know some women don't get them but before the miscarriage i did.
I feel sick
I want to stamp my feet, scream , moan...more than i am on here!, cry and just sulk.

Not usually me but tbh, its Monday, i think it may rain while my washing is out.... and today i just cant be bothered!

Rant over lol. Think i feel better in fact <3


  1. Always good to write strong feelings out as helps loads.
    Who knows why you did not like Monday but Tuesday is hopefully better

  2. Lol today does in fact seem a little better :D still tired (over slept i think) Bodywize i feel ok so...guess "just one of those days"x


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