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The birth of my son is one that i don't often think about. It wasn't enjoyable or a nice time for me. Strange i hear you say, most people cant wait to meet the little person that has been growing inside them for 9 months. I was scared, alone and single!.

Here is my son born 9/1/2003 at 19:49pm. He reminded me of a Capuchin. The monkey, how they would lie or sit with their hands on top of each other.

The birth lasted 21 hours. I had no idea what was happening. It started early hours, back ache and a little stomach ache too. A bath eased it and i went back to sleep, woke and hour later with more pains, drifted back off, rinse and repeat.

At 7 am i got up and rang my mom. After moving to a new town some 20 miles away from my family, the 'father' of my child having ran away to America to marry someone he met on the Internet to return 3 month later and abandon me in this town. Anyways i rang my mom who suggested i ring my midwife as it sounds as if I'm in labour. I cant be Ive another 3-4 weeks left yet!!

Rang my midwife whom congratulated me and said I'm going to have a baby. Lol i was terrified! 19 and no one there. People i knew where not up out of bed, or were out so i was on my own.

I sat for hours wondering what to do. Eventually i left for the hospital at around 2 pm. After been checked over by the nurse/midwife to find i was 4 cm dilated. Strange all i wanted was to watch cartoons lol. Yes kind of childish i know but it helped.
By the time corrie was coming back from its interval Kian Lee had arrived.
He was so tiny, weight 6Ibs 6oz.

Been a 'young' mom and really not that clued up about child birth etc all i had with me were my things and enough for one night for Kian. We ended up staying in for 3 nights 4 days as he wasn't keeping his food down properly.

My mom arrived 10 mins after he was born.

Here are a selection of pictures how they grow !


  1. This post makes me angry more than anything else. You should have had some support there.
    Amazing how your circumstances have changed so much for the better in the last few years. Hold onto that thought in the difficult moments.

  2. Thanks you i sure will :) x


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