Reaches for the whiskey......

Its been one of those nights have...well havent really....but they have taken hours to clean their rooms, and they are still not done. How messy can a kids room get seriously.
Now some may call me 'tight' as my two say, for not cleaning their rooms for them, but they are 8 and 9 (10 in 2 week) and are able....infact more than bloody able if they concentrated to do it themselves.

My eldest seems to have a fetish sort of thing with paper. He has masses and so does the floor, toy boxes, warldrobe, the bin thats in his room oh and under the bed!

SO tonight after seeing it all over i decided paper was banned from his room.

The other son just has a fear of tidying his bedroom fully. Lol. So me been me when in all rearing and cleared out all the toy boxes, ynder the bed etc etc....what a mess!!

Whilst all that was happening i decide to have a look on Facebook. One of my friends that has been trying to concieve for 4 years is 13w 3 days preg....she had posted her scan pic....i cried my bloody eyes out. No idea why. Yes it was only 1 week 1 day behind what i should have been, but i was so happy for her. She deserves it and will make a great mom. I just cant help thinking it should be me.
I really hope i get the all clear on friday so we can start to ttc again.
So after a good cry, getting the kids to bed, i poured myself a double teachers whiskey and made a coffee.
Its not all bad i guess, i CAN concieve naturally, i WILL be pregnant again ( 4 full term if i can) and i WILL go full term.

Chink chink i think xx


  1. Although it does not feel like it, you are so not alone in this journey. So very many women go through it and in life terms are soon cradling a newborn baby. Chill a bit.
    Thinking of you as you know

  2. I know hun, if im honest i have been so emotional the past week...i think my body is returning to normal and getting ready for the witch to come. Fingers crossed!

  3. Check out the Mummy from the Heart blog as she suffered a miscarriage and has written very honestly about it and the different feelings etc. Might help a bit


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