Older to younger....

On a nice leisurely walk to my M.I.L's i was having the odd random chat that parents have with their children. My 8 year old son was telling me how he is classed as a geek.
"Mom i do super awesome in Maths and Literacy and in Ict. what did my report say?! Super awesome!, only thing I'm not good at is handwriting, I'm a geek mom because I'm a computer whiz."

As i tried to explain without laughing as the enthusiasm in his voice was just.....funny as, he wasn't a geek it would be classed as intelligent. It means when he leaves school he can go to Uni...."no mom I'm going to college first!"
Ok college then University, where as people that arnt very good at things and not that bothered about them will leave school and do nothing or something along those lines. This leads into a discussion about volcano's!!!!!! Yes wth?? major jump from one subject to another, this is something of the ordinary when speaking with my son.

So as he ever so intellectually decided to inform me, many years ago the earth was broken up into different countries by a volcano and did i know about this?! No was my reply...

His response....."Well when you get younger you will learn about it! You only learn now when your younger and lets be honest mom your old!!!!"

Tut i say....revenge do i ban his from his mosh monsters?!

Cheek of it


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    No hope for me then lol

  2. You are old but there are benefits to getting older as he will find out in due course and before you know it


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