A new road to take?!

I'm having one of those days today where you have to be optimistic. Had another blood test this morning will get the results no doubt when i go to the hospital of Friday.

I've been going over the past 10 week in my head, what went wrong?

Why did it happen? Was it something i did? Didn't do?

But my biggest question is why has it dragged out soooo long. My oh my mother nature can be sooo cruel.

So I'm hoping and praying that when i go to the hospital on Friday i get the all clear and am able to get on the band wagon again to ttc. The stomach pains seem to have eased as does the bleeding so that's a good sign....just waiting on the nasty witch to show her face! Although tbh she will be a blessing this month but....only for this month.

So heres hoping its a new road to take....the ttc journey take 2!

Coming up.....How to help conceive twin/multiples naturally..intrigued????


  1. I love the image you used here. Where can I get it?

  2. I google imaged mother nature and just used that :) There was another on there too which i loved. It was a very solitery look in a sultry way :) x

  3. In fact i have just used the pic for my poetic thursday :) x


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