How to naturally concieve twins...or at least help the chances.

Cute i hear you say?! Defiantly you just want to snuggle and pinch their cheeks and gurgle along with them in their own special baby talk.
I'm wondering how many have thought to our self's i would love to have twins...but they are not on either side of the family and I'm not taking fertility drugs?! I know i have even when i was pregnant with my son 8 years ago all i could think was oooohhhh what if it was twins.

I have twins in my family, my fathers brother was a twin. My DH has twins in his family too.

So here are some basic facts on twins..

Generally 1 out of 89 pregnancies produce twins naturally conceived
Most twins are Fraternal this means they are made from 2 different eggs. Identical twins are rare and come from the same egg.

Having a family history of twins will increase your chances of having twins. This is true if you have a family history of twins, meaning someone on your mother’s side or father’s side of the family has had twins, especially if they had fraternal twins. If your partner has twins in his family, it doesn’t help you any. The reason being is that there may be some genetic component that may cause you to produce more than one egg during ovulation. This “twin gene” may be passed down from your parents to you. Identical twins are not thought to be hereditary.
Interesting i hear you say....its something i really didn't know about at all!

Some of the factors that may affect your chances of conceiving twins is your age and ethnicity. African American women are more likely to have twins than Caucasian women. And Asian women have a lower chance to conceive twins. They are also common in older women!

Some of the things you may do now can increase the chance..for example taking folic acid before you are pregnant. I have been doing this myself right from when i found out i was pregnant to now. An Australian study showed that you have 40% chance of conceiving twins if you took folic acid before pregnancy. Some other studies have shown contradictory results making it hard to say for sure if folic acid actually increases your odds of conceiving twins. Nevertheless, folic acid also helps to prevent neural tube defects so it is a good idea to take a folic acid supplement (or a multi vitamin with folic acid) even if you aren’t trying to conceive twins. So that's it ttc ladies get your folic acid out!
I am currently taking 400mg a day. Asda bought for £2 for 120! Bargain i think!

Its also been said that eating more dairy products can help! Here's one that shocked me too as i wasn't expecting it but women with a larger bmi have more chance of conceiving twins also.

Breastfeeding your child till you are ready to ttc again (ouch i hear) apparently they are 9 times more likely to conceive twins than a non breastfeeding mommy.

Here's one that made me laugh. As i was telling my DH all this whilst i waited for bloods. Eating wild yams are also a big thumbs up. If like my husband i hear you saying what are yams.....bear your eyes upon this!

Just looks like a sweet potatoes, have been having a gander at the world wide web and there seem to be some good recipes to cook up too.

So how many of you are thinking..i want twins!! i know what I'll be doing :)


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