The Gallery - Grandparents.

I have two sets of grandparents although sadly no photo's.
My dad's mom and dad i have very fond memories of. We use to go to their house for Sunday lunch, church in the morning, grab the veg from the garden and help prepear the lunch. We would take it in turns us three girls to do the Yorkshire puddings.

We always did the meal the same. Yorkshires and gravy, then the meat veg and potatoes.
We would then have tea later on in the afternoon. Sandwiches and then pudding. "Dip your crusts in your icecream" my gran would say if we couldnt eat them.

Christmas was always a special occasion, we would be 'Santa's' helpers for the festive season, dressed in our dresses all sparkly if i remember right my elder sister had a peach one and me and my younger one had mint colour dresses. A star wand and we were away, giving out pressies to all the kids that came to sit on Santa's knee.

My grandmother was very much the homely mother type, cooking making jams cakes etc, but she was also the type of women that stood up for herself and sometimes a look could frighten you.
My grandad was a man with a heart of gold as i remember. He had a tub like the ones that have in sweet shops full of lolly pops. We were allowed one maybe two each time. I remember he spent months making my younger sister a dolls house. She loved that so much.

Sadly they have passed away and have done many years ago. I don't go to the graveyard as i no longer live in the area but i think about them all the time.

My mom's mom and dad are still alive. They have been married for 50 years (maybe a few more..not too sure) They ar the perfect couple if I'm honest, tey have their moments as I'm sure all marriages do but they are soul mates and you can see they bounce off each other. My gran is out spoken, caring and says it how it is which i admire. She loves baking as i think most grandparents do, she makes some of the most beautiful buns. My grandad. The voice of frank Sinatra. A strong willed man who has not had it easy. He looked after his mom for many years until she passed away some years ago.

I think and look at both my grandparents from either side and i see that i have resemblances from both. My dad's parents were very green fingered and kept a beautiful garden front and back...i love flowers, tree's and all sorts like..but i cant keep them alive for more than a year. I have the enjoyment and the will to create new recipes from both grandmothers. I have the stubborn and caring natures of my grandfathers.

I hope i will be remembered as fondly by mine.xxxx


  1. I just emailed you telling you to do this and then checked out your blog and here it is. Thank you!

  2. Oh and when your Grandma met me for the first time in 1998, she told your Dad to hurry up and get married to me!!!!

  3. Lol for a min there i thought you ment my dad's mom but realised that wasnt possible as she had passed by then. So im guessing my granny Brook. Lol yeah she tends to speak how she see's it :) xx

  4. Yes it was your mum#s mum which both me and your dad found very odd really but funny too (and let's face it in the end she was proved right!)


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