What now??!?

OK so as mentioned in earlier posts i have been doing pregnancy tests weekly to see if i get that negative, which tbh we all expect to get straight away after a miscarriage. Well i rang my local EPU yesterday as it just didn't seem right that i was getting a 3+ after the erpc. So today i went for my bloods doing to check the hcg.

On the 12Th May they were 2098 not classed as a viable pregnancy as the scan had already shown the collapsed sack etc and my hcg just wasn't rising as it should.

Its not 1st June and my hcg is 2298 ish. So over 2 week and 3 days give or take one my hcg has leveled by 200 ish. I also got my results back from the erpc. NO PREGNANCY TISSUE was removed. This means my nightmare isn't over :(
I still have JJ inside me...... or i have passed and this is a new pregnancy. Of course i would prefer the latter, but we don't always get what we want do we.
So I'm booked in for another scan on Friday to determine if this is either a new pregnancy or leftover from last time.
I dread having to go through it all again.


  1. Keep your chin up Hun, I went through something similar, my finger a crossed for you that it's a new bfp :)


  2. Thanks hun. Its such a pain. x


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