Stressful Tuesday!

Its been one of those days i tell you. One where if anyone else smiles nicely at you and ask's how your day is like everything is OK you are bound to stand up scream, shout and tear you hair out.
Its not a good day! Its a shit day, not only is it the longest day of the year and supposedly mid summers day and someone forgot to remind the weather of this when i nicely got rained on, on the school run...but boy where do we start!

Well as you know from my recent posts over the past few weeks i had a miscarriage 7 weeks ago. After an erpc my hcg levels weren't dropping how they should be and i was suffering from stomach pains and bleeding. My results from the erpc showed no pregnancy tissue was removed but a scan showed all was clear. So in the time of having my initial scan and the erpc i had 'passed' my bean. However this didn't explain why i was having these problems still 7 weeks after. So after numerous blood tests i was today given antibiotics as they think it may be an infection (from the miscarriage) Why couldn't they have come to this conclusion 7 weeks or even 6 weeks ago??
But that's not what bothers me if I'm honest. Here is my day today...

8:35 am- drop Kian off at school (in the rain!)
9:00 am- coffee and wake darling husband so he can come to hospital for my blood tests.
10:00- blood tests (quick and easy, only moderate pain) told i could wait for the results which generally take 2 hours and need to be seen by doctor (who has been 'beeped') so can either wait in waiting area or come back just before 12 and should be sen by Dr by 12.
So we head off and do shopping, on way back car breaks down....DO NOT BUY A RENAULT LAGUNA! Electrics fail all the time as we have found out.

So we get taxi back to hospital (£6)
12:00- check in at reception they seat us in waiting room
12:35- Lady from epu notices we are sat in waiting room and complains that reception never told her we were there. Am informed we are just waiting for Dr.
1:10- husband has to leave as he is at work at 2 pm. Epu lady says the Dr's are now changing over so could be 20 mins at least. As you can gather husband is no seeing red as the Dr was supposedly paged at 10.15 ish!!
So on my tod waiting for Dr.

Finally after waiting lots more...

2:25- I get to see the 'top' Dr. Who kindly points out they are not really going to do anything, they don't want to go do the road of a Laparoscopic surgery they think its just an infection and take the anti biotic and come back in two weeks. Me been me and sick of all now, bursts into tears, the man couldn't get out of the room fast enough.!!

So yes my day has been crap!
I want to scream, shout, stamp my feet like my 8 year old does when he doesn't get his own way.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the euro millions tonight.

Funny thing is on the bounty forums an ever so kind lady who was practising tarots kindly did a ready to all the ttc ladies. She also did one for me.
Now people that know me will know that non of it ring true...i really wish it did. Here's what was said "You have had a great deal of luck in your past and now it seems to have all come to a major stop with you. After one or two unlucky events recently you are starting to wonder if all your luck has run out for life. This is not the case, Karma is with you not against you but we have to experience the downs sometimes to remember how good the ups were. You are a great believer in destiny and your destiny is already mapped out for you, there is nothing to indicate a life of bad luck at all, in fact its is showing a passage from fear, uncertainty and and difficulty into progress and a path to solution. Things are on the road to recovery xx"

Not me at all! But i was truly grateful for the lady who is doing these all free of charge also. Ive never done anything like this and this is the first time i have ever had my cards read..always been a little scared of the outcome.

Well here's hoping for a better Wednesday :)


  1. Rotten day and imagine my email did not help but I have to lean on you sometimes too.
    I love having Tarot Cards done and you have had a lot of luck in your life, bags of shit true but loads of good stuff too (M and K for a start plus that lovely WS!) Life is like that a mix of good and bad, you just have to ride it and seek support along the way.
    When you feel able, I think you should complain about your treatment throughout this whole distressing journey.
    The good times are coming for you and the bad stuff will make you really appreciate them when they arrive

  2. Oh and to make you laugh, I finally got the man of my dreams into bed on the longest day (hence shortest night!!!) of the year. How is that for bad planning?!

  3. Oww hun your emails always cheer me up. Ive never had my tarot cards read..would love to have a more indepth reading done i think at some point.

    I cant wait for the good times!
    Lol trust you.. xxx


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