Still positive :(

So its been a weeks since i went to the EPU and had more bloods done to check my hcg. After been sent home with meds for my unexplained stomach cramps, and constipation tablets to counteract the 'side effects' of the pain killers and stomach protecters and anti sickness...blah blah yes when i walk im sure i rattle! Anyways i was told to do a hpt today and then return on the 21st for more bloods. So as you can see from the picture that is my result for today! Stressful or what!

Its baffling me so much. My hcg last weeks was in the 900's so surly nearly 6 weeks after erpc they should be close to below 5 and if not at least showing faint on a hpt test. Oh and can i point out its a crappy on that the hospital gave me that measuers at something like 25ml.

I just want to know what is going on now.

So here's to waiting another 7 days to finanlly get some answers.


  1. Aww hun! I know how frustrating it can be. I have been trying for my second child for a while and had to go through all these tests and HSG. Good luck! x

  2. Thanks, wishing you all the best with ttc :) xx


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