Reasons to be Cheerful

After a hectic few weeks i have realised i do have things to be cheerful for today

1) Finally after my miscarriage i have my first period. OK so some may be saying you are crazy girl no one likes them, but for me its a step forward to been able to start ttc again.

2)I have a wonderful family that have helped me through this. My stepmother that gave me words of wisdom, heartfelt comments and cheery emails everyday to keep my mind occupied. My mom for been there when i needed to cry, OK so it was over the phone but still....every girl needs her mom. My sister's for just been my sisier's. Putting past differences aside and helping me through. My Mil for been a huge help emotionally. My dad for showing me he does care after all.

3) I have a wonderful son and stepson. Ok they may seem like they are going on 18, gobby and so always thinking they are right, but they always make me smile.

4)My cat and kittens. Watching them bond, play and grow after having a rough time. (easily pleased arnt i lol )

4) My husband. Without him i don't know what i would have done. He works his cute ass off and is always there when i need him. He is my soul mate.


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