Poetic Thursday

A Step Beyond

Hollow echos beckoning in the somber night,
moans and groans that were once mortal tones,
distant cries, relentless screams of sheer fright,
the cracking, breaking sounds of ancient bones.

Corridors to the pass found as shadows of time,
where sleepless dead awake to desperate screams,
blending reality with one’s thoughts and dreams,
once held captive wide awake in a sleeping mind.

Forces of good and evil often battle till the death,
nightly visions so vivid yet one just can not see,
in fearful forethought we take are last dying breath,
as shadows prance from a dream we can never flee.

Clanking sounds to a heart stopping thunderous roar,
restless spirits yell out in desperation and confusion,
locked away in a tomb without any windows or doors,
searching for answers while lost in mindful illusion.

Bewildered in the dark stillness the air turns cold as ice,
words can never express the feeling burning in the heart,
love, hate, power, and greed for which we pay the price,
for the depth of our conscious is what sets us each apart.

Samuel E. Stone, Best Selling Mystery Author


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