Poetic thursday

As I laid in bed last night just watching the numbers tick by I got to thinking about my blog, about what I had dreamed about when was a child. We all have that same question given to us at some point through out our life.

'What do you want to be when you grow up?'

My first would have been a lawyer. I loved Ally McBeal. I like the whole concept of standing there defending someones case. I did study it for a year and half until I fell pregnant with my son at 18. Never took it up again after that.

My second would be a writer. Didn't care what type of writing as long as I wrote. If I do say so myself I think I have a gift when it comes to poetry.

Some light and breezy, some dark and not so breezy.

So as an added extra I have decided to dedicate Thursday to poetry, some written by me, some from other authors I like. Feel free to add your own.

So this poem was written by me as part of my Open University course. Got a good mark of 79 from it so rather pleased with myself.

Not everyone see's

Hurting words like a slash from a dagger

painful blows, make up wont matter

slumped upon the floor

people climb on by

passing her, don't see her cry

Away to the rest room, peace and solitude

not the perfect place, but shes not in the mood

the hallway bell rings

footsteps a clatter

no one around,

no one matters

Silence flushes upon the room

silent sobbing forms a pool

glass broken

the mirror on the wall

Crimson tears fall

across her wrists

lifeless body

fighting through the red mist

waves of hurt, waves of pain

losing unconscious, forever, never again

Hurt, pain

tore her apart

like a thousand knife wounds embedded in her heart

No friends, no pals, no one to call her own

to suffer like an animal, In the woods alone

In the rest room,

in the pools of red

the light drifted away from her eyes and her head.

her breath subsided

like a machine had been switched off.

a tear cascaded


her cheek so flawless, her hair so sleek

bullies have done this

week after week

the reasons why,

no one could tell

The bullies knew

they broke through her shell.

Written by Caroline Smith


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