The Joys Of TTC, Not As Simple As It All Seems!!

We all assume that making a baby is simple, or i did tbh. Boy meets girl, girl and boy fall in love, sometimes get married. They have sex, a period is missed, a pregnancy test is taken, tears of joy, swollen feet, sore boobies, expanding appetite and belly and finally a beautiful bundle of joy after 9 month.

Boy can we be so wrong!

It is no where near as simple as that sadly.

I first started TTC (trying to conceive) after my DH had his vasectomy reversal done 26Th Jan 2011. A week after his operation we were back to DTD (doing the deed)

10 week later i got my BFP(big fat positive). Sadly as you may have read i miscarried at 5 week.

However to actually get where i got took a lot of planning.

Has anyone watched inside the human body the first part? Interesting i must say!

So you only have a certain amount of time in your cycle where you can actually conceive. In a standard 28 day cycle you ovulate 14 days after the first day of your period.

A few people do the SMEP (Sprem meets egg plan)
this entails you to have sex on certain days and miss other. Imo a pain in the rear end. It can take the pleasure out of making love.

There are ovulation tests that require you to pee on a stick at certain times in the day, this measures your LH surge (luteinizing hormone)this signals your ovaries telling them its time to release the egg. I found these not only cheap but reliable. You can buy them in bulk off ebay from fertility friend.

Some people can tell when they are ovulating by their cervical mucus.

So who though maing a baby was so easy??? I certainly don't any more.
I know once my ttc ban is up (13 more days) i will be taking my time, no peeing on a stick for me, no checking my mucus, where my cervix is or any of that. I will just dtd and see what happens. Although if nothing by September i will be charting once again.

What types of ways did you use/are using to ttc??


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