The Gallery - Three words - Do it yourself!

I have decided to take some advice off my wicked stepmother over at She suggested i take part in some of the blogs that others are doing. So here goes for my first one!

Here's my 3 word gallery for sticky fingers :
Do it yourself!

Don't get me wrong its really nice to see such enthusiasm from my 8 year old, its nice to hear him say 'I'll wash up mom' But tbh having to redo 97% of it...i should have done it myself. Still Thanks you to my little boy although not so little anymore :)


  1. get him started young! my 7 yo some how manages to soak floor whilst doing the washing up....

  2. Important to teach boys to help in particular so they don't end up mistreating womenfolk in the future.
    Loving the Marigolds and his grin.
    He always offers to help when he is hear which with my three, takes me totally by surprise lol

  3. Lol he can have his very helpful days and sometimes stubborn ones too, yes Becky Kian tends to get water all ove rthe floor and himself!x


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