So once again the kids are off school. Is it me or do they seem to have more and more time off? I never remember having this much time off and as I'm only 27 even though my kids sometimes like to make out I'm from the stone age, it only works out that i left around 11 years ago.

Took the kids to see my mom and sister the other weekend. As the live in Leeds is not often i get to see them. With everything that has been going on all i wanted was my mommy. It was really good to see them and to have a cuddle.

My mother in law has also been a rock over the past few months, not only emotionally but in other ways too. At the same time as my miscarriage my cat Skitz gave birth to 3 gorgeous kittens, all black and white.

Sadly she became ill and with drawn a few days later. A visit to the vets revealed she had another kitten inside her, sadly it had died on the way out and was still stuck in there! Two operations later, one to remove the kitten and a full hysterectomy and one to stop internal bleeding she was safe home within a few days sadly minus one kitten as it had died from lack of food as she wasn't producing milk. So we were to hand rear the two remaining. A little boy Jinx and a little girl Bobz. Both doing great.

My wicked stepmother Kate, she cheered me up daily and gave me words of wisdom, encouragement, love and a true friend through out the whole ordeal.

Its amazing how much family and friends mean so much around times like this. Yes there were times when i wanted to sit in a corner, cry and not move. But as Kate would say I'm a strong stubborn woman and i deal with things most people would expect me to crumble under.

Each day is getting easier. JJ will never be forgotten.


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