The dream is over

Saturday 30Th April, just one week of knowing, just 7 days of stroking and talking to my little 'JJ' i woke at 5, did my usual Saturday morning routine, saw my DH off to work at 6 am and went to the loo before climbing back into bed. I wiped and it was brown.
I had read that brown blood was OK. Tried to put it to the back of my mind but couldn't. Had slight back ache and cramps, but had that for the past few weeks and Dr said it was normal. However was in the emergency Dr's by 11 pm. 'Threatened Miscarriage' not to worry unless it was gushing red and sever pain. So came home and within 5 minutes of walking in the door i was gushing red. We made our way to the A&E. Saturday night and been seen in 20 minutes is an all time record for me! I had internal with the biggest torch you had ever seen lol. I was booked in for an early scan. Cutting the story short, 2 weeks of hcg lvl testing and an ERPC on 13Th may Friday 13Th of all days! i had said good bye to my baby.


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