Wooooohooooooo at last!!

23rd April 2011 i sent my DH this picture. As you can guess he thought it was a joke! It wasn't though! We had made a baby. I was crying with tears and couldn't believe it. It was only a day ago i was screaming, crying and stamping my feet like a little girl because we hadn't got pregnant yet. Bear in mind i had been poas soooooo much i could have taken shares in them. All had come up negative.

I cant say why i did the first response test that day. I had done one of the Internet cheap ones the day before and i could have sworn i saw a faint line, but DH couldn't see it so we let it pass. The next morning as i did every morning i did the test. There WAS a faint line i could just see it, but maybe my eyes were playing a trick on me. So i did the test, and there it was another faint line but was clearly visible to the eye. My Mil saw it too as i emailed the pic to her just to make sure i wasn't seeing things.
It was there but best to do a clear blue digital at least then its there in writing is the response i got.

It was there!! I was pregnant!! Finally after all that time!!

And it only took £1600, 6 years of waiting for the op, 10 week and 3 days after the operation to conceive!!


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