Stoping smoking and childrens holidays

So i had a bright idea 7 days ago, I decided the time had come to stop smoking. I had been smoking since i was 12/13 and at 25 i figured that i really didn't like the taste or the smell of it and to be quiet honest i didn't know why, i guess it was just a habit.

So 1pm I'm sat in the bath chatting to my husband and suddenly i blurt out, I'm stopping smoking.

A short discussion later, we have decided that we have barred smoking from the house to help me in my quest.

I'm currently on the 8Th day of not smoking, no patches, no gum, no inhaler thingy. Just a pen a few sweets and a whole load of will power.

The kids are loving the fact that i have so much more energy even after such a short time of stopping.
I'm loving the fact of i no longer smell like an ashtray and i seem to have this glow instead of a dull look.
First week is suppose to be easy. I chose the wrong time to do it i think, 2 weeks of kids 24/7. Arguing as boys do, play fighting turning to real fighting, mess and more mess along with the arguments of it wasn't me it was him.

Oh what fun i shall entail during these two weeks, but hopefully the support I'm receiving from my husband and friends shall bring me through it safely :)

So wish me luck, i have my fingers, toes and my hair crossed.

Day 8, so far so good.


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