A step back But still going forward

Well had some bad news last night, once again my sister has tried to commit suicide.
2ND time in less that a year. 3rd time in total.
She was diagnosed as a Manic depressant and Bi polar the last time and was placed on anti depressant along with regular visits to the shrink.

However i still didn't smoke, boy was i close to but refrained.

The problem being this time I'm not upset at the moment, I'm really angry. Once again we are going through this and she just doesn't seem to realize how its effecting everyone. I then feel guilty for feeling this way because i know she is ill.

Last time she did it she nearly died, swallowing a hell of a lot of Tramadol, my mums painkillers. She did damage to her liver, kidneys etc. She was sectioned for about a month and seemed to be doing just fine. Some bad news from her ex girlfriend and she is back to square one. OK this time she couldn't get anything stronger than paracetamol, but still there's damage there from last time and this time certainly wont help.

So where do i go from here? How do i attept to correct things?


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