A release without any questions

News from my sister she is to be allowed home today. Now she sees this as good news, I don't.
Is she going to go home and do exactly the same thing?
I suggested she should be sectioned again, but my opinion doesn't seem to count. I'm only trying to do what is best for her.

Still not smoked though so I'm guessing that is good.
Was my younger siblings birthday yesterday, royal mail failed to deliver my card which annoyed me, and i delivered the news of my sisters suicide attempt.

Then today was in A&E with my son, some sort of infection in his finger. Also my stepson is ill and sprawled on the sofa after being sick and having a headache.
So even after all the ups and Downs today, i still don't want to smoke.

Lets hope it continues, still a week of kids been off school.


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