And we're back in the game!

So I had my last appointment at the Epu on Friday, I know I'm a little late in sharing my good news with you, but have been so busy. Anyway all was good new's! NO! in fact it was GREAT! news. It seems the antibiotic they gave me worked...why they couldn't have done that 10 weeks ago i will never know, but to hell with it it worked. The only down fall was that i would maybe have to wait 4-6 week more! for a period. That's like nearly 2 more month!!! Arghhhh. So comes home Friday does the weekly shop, pay the bills etc with kids in toe as they had another teacher training day. Comes to Friday night and OMG the brown stuff is back!!

I had been clear for like 3 days! Typical it would come back when i finally no longer need to go to epu. So tell the DH who looks worried when i also mention i have slight tummy ache too. I know whats going though his mind. More trips to and from hospital, more weeks of 'sorry we don't know whats wrong'. So i make the decision if its still happening Wednesday i will visit the Dr.

Well, Saturday i get up, all seems OK, slight brown, slight tummy ache. By lunch time its full blown AF !!! Woooop woop.
Never would i though i would be as happy to see the ugly witch show her face. I was literally dancing with joy.
Now we are on Cd 3. Bit of an off, on situation does mean we are back in the game and soon as she leaves we can ttc again.

YES I'm scared that something might happen again..but trying to feel positive.
Yes i fear i may get slightly erm...obsessive but meh that's the downside to trying to conceive.

So watch this space for ttc tips :)


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