A cocktail of drugs

It seems to be one of those days where i have the good old 'writers block'. Well to a certain degree i do. I have many things on my mind that i want to write about and i can write it all and then read it and I'm like hmmm...nah and scrap it.

Its been a pretty rough weekend tbh. I attended what seems to be my second home on Sunday for more routine blood tests after my erpc on the 13th may, only to have to return later that night with sever stomach pains.

Labour pains!!! bah they didn't have a notch on this. I was paralysed with the pain it was that bad. After sitting in A&E for 5 hours, a few more vales of blood taken i was sent home with Dihydrocodeine and Diclofenac.

Felt sorry for my Dh as he had to be at work at 6 am that morning, we got in at 3.45! Sending my now drowsy son to bed i make a coffee and sat on the sofa wide awake. Typical.

We spoke of what had happened in a&e, the wait times, the way they sit you in one room to wait and then move you onto the next room with the assurance that you will be seen soon (45 mins later!) Don't get me wrong i know place's like that can be busy but really why move from one to the other?

Its amazing some of the things they (Dr's and nurses) discuss whilst sitting and drinking their tea.

Making fun of a young girl that had come in with as she told them 'the worst stomach ache in the world'. They seemed to find this funny and continued to laugh and make a joke of it. Very belittling and tbh very unprofessional.

Anyways i was to return today for another hcg beta test. The good news is my hcg have now dropped to 968 from 1369 (ish) which is what they were on Sunday.
Still I'm having the stomach pains and have been sent home with lots more drugs to ease, protect and flush out!

So whats in my cocktail tonight bar tender?
We have pain killers x3! every six hours
Anti sickness drugs 3 times a day
Stomach protector to stop me producing so much acid whilst ingestion all these tablets
Then a rather nice tasting Lactulose solution to wash it all down (or out)with as all these can make you rather bunged if you catch my drift.

So I'm going to relax with a cuppa (would prefer wine) a hot water bottle and watch the pretty little people dance on the ceiling.

Rambling over for now i think


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